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Literature searches

Our Reference Database is huge (it currently consists of almost 247,217 midwifery articles), so we’re keen to make it easier for you to get straight to the content you need by offering literature search packs. Subscribers to our Reference Database are free to search to their heart’s content, but if you can’t find what you need or simply don’t have the time to look (or aren’t a subscriber), then you can order one of our topic-based literature searches. Non-members to the Reference Database can also benefit from our literature search packs. Each pack costs £9.95 each. Reference Database subscribers can view these for free – and tweak them to suit their needs – simply by logging in and navigating to the Search Pack tab. Non subscribers can order Search Packs in PDF form by visiting our handy Pack Finder.

Search Pack FAQ (click on the questions for more info)

What are Search Packs?
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Can I request a topic of my own?

Sample Search Pack

View a sample of a typical Search Pack below. Their user-friendly layout, easy-to-access full-text links and photocopy order buttons help you to find the information you need quickly.

Bespoke Search Services

If you need a more specific search, then our Information Team will be happy to help. Simply tell us about your area of interest, and – for a fee – we’ll carry out a comprehensive search of the Database for you. To order a Bespoke Search, either call us on 0117 925 1791, or fill in the order form by clicking the blue button in the box on the right.
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