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Scotland retaining midwife bursaries should make ministers in England think again says RCM

The Scottish Government announced this week that they will be retaining bursaries and free tuition fees for student midwives and nurses in Scotland.

Coverage of Maternity, Midwifery and Baby 2016 conference

The Maternity, Midwifery and Baby 2016 conference saw its most successful event to date, after 1,140 delegates attended in London and participated online.

Treatment of pregnant women in prison to be reviewed

Prime Minister David Cameron has called for a review into the treatment of pregnant women in prison.

New Zealand maternity wards consider mobile phone ban

District health boards in New Zealand are considering banning mobile phones from maternity wards.

WHO releases zika virus and microcephaly situation report

The World Health Organization has released a situation report on the spread of the zika virus and its suspected link to microcephaly.

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