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MIDIRS is here to allow all midwives, student midwives, Maternity Support Workers (MSWs) or any health professional caring for women, babies and their families during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, worldwide, to share their knowledge and experiences to improve practice and outcomes. We are dedicated to helping you learn, grow and share from the start of your midwifery training all the way through your career.

We welcome original contributions from new, aspiring, or established writers, and our author guidelines will tell you everything you need to know about submitting your work to us.

Before you submit an article, please read the guidelines carefully. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept or review articles that do not adhere to the guidelines.

The Editor reserves the right to revise material or to return it to the author for amendments before accepting it for publication. We also reserve the right to amend material during production in accordance with house style and the demands of space and layout. Copyright of original articles published in MIDIRS belongs to MIDIRS.

For informal inquiries, questions or support with your submission please contact the MIDIRS Editor: Sara Webb at: sara.webb@rcm.org.uk.

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Evidence Based Midwifery (EBM)

Would you like to write for EBM? 

Evidence Based Midwifery (EBM) aims to promote the dissemination, implementation and evaluation of midwifery and maternity research evidence at local, national and international levels.

Papers on qualitative research, quantitative research, mixed-methods, philosophical research, action research, systematic reviews and meta-analyses of qualitative or quantitative data are all welcomed.

We also publish research protocols following ethical review. All authors are encouraged to contact the editorial staff if they have any questions about the suitability of their paper.

For informal inquiries, questions or support with your submission please contact the MIDIRS/EBM Editorial Assistant Julie Rogers at: julie.rogers@rcm.org.uk.

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