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RCM Research Prioritisation

on 09 June 2023 Working with the James Lind Alliance, the RCM is launching an exciting new project on 17 July 2023 to establish the top 10 priorities for research.

First European Nursing and Midwifery Week

on 18 April 2023 The European Nursing & Midwifery Week (#ENMW2023) was developed by EFNNMA, a collaborative organization of WHO Regional Office for Europe, to celebrate and recognise nurses and midwives in Europe.

Group B Strep in Pregnancy & Babies Conference

on 14 April 2023 Group B Strep is the leading cause of severe infection in newborn babies in the UK. This one-day virtual conference will bring together leading experts to talk about group B Strep.

Vaccines during pregnancy: New animations

on 29 September 2022 IMPRINT Network has released animated videos on both Group B Streptococcus (GBS) and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) vaccinations during pregnancy.