The next AWMJC Live will be held on 13 December 2023 on the topic of Neurodivergence Acceptance and Advocacy in the workplace. Please click here to book your ticket.

The AWMJC was set up to provide a space where midwives and future midwives from across Wales can come together to discuss topics current in midwifery care.  The AWMJC will take the form of a live online session and supported by additional resources that can be found down below.

In December, we will be joined by guest speaker Emilie Edwards, who will be discussing her article being published in the upcoming December issue of the MIDIRS Midwifery Digest. Click here for an advanced copy of the article, only available for AWMJC members.

Emilie Edwards was also published in The Practising Midwife with her article 'How Can Midwives and Educators Better Understand, Teach and Support Neurodivergent Students?' Click here to read through this article.

Emilie Edwards is an autistic Senior Lecturer in Midwifery at Middlesex University and neurodiversity advocate. She believes that listening to the lived experiences of neurodivergent and disabled people is essential to drive coherent, consistent, and concrete changes within institutions, which is essential in eliminating discrimination. She focuses on developing innovative, inclusive, and accessible teaching and learning resources that have been implemented throughout the midwifery programme and have inspired change in teaching and learning processes across the university. Her work at Middlesex led to the review of internal policies including recruitment and onboarding processes and she co-led the first Middlesex Neurodiversity Celebration Festival. Emilie has also worked with accessibility and neurodiversity networks in Higher Education Institutions, the Royal College of Midwives, and the NHS to improve support for neurodivergent colleagues, students, and service users. Her tireless dedication to improving accessibility and neurodivergence acceptance have led to a profile in teaching and learning, that has seen her recognised in achieving institutional and national awards for neurodiversity advocacy.

Emilie Edwards

Have a question for Emilie? Please click here to let us know ahead of time so we can make sure it's answered! There will also be a live Q+A on the day that won't be recorded.

More resources on the topic of Neurodivergence Acceptance and Advocacy in the workplace

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Neurodiversity in the workplace

Quotes from learners:

“Excellent resource with really helpful insight to the lives of neurodivergent midwives and their experiences”

“A really informative, interesting and vital learning package.”

“This was a lovely piece of work. As someone who has had difficulty disclosing, due to my own fears, this gives me a little more hope that I will someday. Thank you”

Study time: 40 minutes


Promoting compassionate & supportive workplaces

Quotes from learners:

“The module really made me think about my own behaviours and reflect on my place in team working. It also gave insight into how to address difficult behaviour”

“Very good module, thought provoking”

“Very useful in reaffirming current beliefs and in giving me the confidence to speak up and act in a more compassionate way myself”

Study time: 30 minutes


Appreciating dyslexia

Quotes from learners:

“An excellent module which provided a fantastic insight into understanding dyslexia and how to help people”

“being diagnosed with dyslexia very late in life this module and Kara's video has really helped me understand myself in a greater depth“

“I thoroughly enjoyed this module and have learnt some interesting facts about Midwives and Support workers who work with Dyslexia.
I will be able to use this knowledge when representing members in my RCM role.”

Study time: 20 minutes