A student midwife placement poem: Hello little one, are you there?

on 13 December 2019

Bianca Barrie is studying at Bournemouth University and wrote this poem during her placement (Community and Antenatal Clinics), partially as a reflection but also to story share with her peers.

Every contact made with women may it be over the phone or in person by my mentors, they always highlighted the importance of reduced movements or changes of patterns of the unborn. The passion I had witnessed of my mentors to always have baby checked out should anything change was immense. They always ensured that no question or worry is a silly one and made them feel at ease.

The message I want to bring across is exactly that. We all very busy, but it is so important to listen to you instincts, body and just rest from time to time to check – Hello little one, are you there?

Pink or blue-this little one never usually been sleeping through.

Hello little one-are you there?

Sitting still-stroking and holding. Are you playing? Are you kicking? Are you at all moving?

Hello little one-are you there?

I don’t know. I have been busy. Been in work and getting everything ready.

Hello little one- are you there?

Fear is setting in, willing the little one on. He must be sleeping. He must be resting. I don’t know but this is testing.

Hello little one-are you there?

Heart full of worry, hands are shaking. I could not feel this little one. Not today or yesterday-she says-her eyes full of regret.

Hello Little one-are you there?

Little pink or blue-please, my little one, please just move. A tiny kick and tiny poke. Anything just to give me some hope.

Hello little one- are you there?

Holding our breaths, feeling, looking, gently stroking and listening in….


Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub dub-a heartbeat. Nice and strong. Silent tears of relief falling along.

A little kick, a little thump.

I’m here mummy-do not fear.

I was always here, always kicked and always played-but you have been so busy, been at work and getting everything ready.

Please just rest-from time to time-just to check.

I do sleep, I do rest, but my moving patterns should never put you to the test.

Count my kicks, have me checked out, even if it means you have to take some time out.

I’m here mummy, I’m here-do not fear.