Spontaneous premature birth as a target of genomic research

on 17 May 2019

By Hallman M; Haapalainen A; Huusko JM; et al. Pediatric Research, vol 85, no 4, March 2019, pp 422-431

Spontaneous preterm birth is a serious and common pregnancy complication associated with hormonal dysregulation, infection, inflammation, immunity, rupture of fetal membranes, stress, bleeding, and uterine distention.

Heredity is 25–40% and mostly involves the maternal genome, with contribution of the fetal genome. Significant discoveries of candidate genes by genome-wide studies and confirmation in independent replicate populations serve as signposts for further research.

The main task is to define the candidate genes, their roles, localization, regulation, and the associated pathways that influence the onset of human labor.

Links to the abstract and further details can be found here.

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