RCM: Supporting clinical research studies

on 14 July 2020

RCM Research Advisor Jenny Cunningham

As well as supporting midwives clinically, the RCM is also helping to develop knowledge through supporting research studies. You can help influence the outcome of these projects by taking part – and encouraging women in your care to do so. 

Developing knowledge and improving care are at the heart of research and in these difficult COVID-19 times, research has a central place. We have links to COVID-19 studies on our website – and they can be found with the professional clinical guidance briefings.

Information for the studies is often collecting using an electronic survey. These do not usually take long to complete. There are studies about the health and wellbeing of midwives and MSWs as well as those focusing on pregnant and postnatal women. 

Here is an opportunity for you to have a stake in the future direction of these studies.  Please look and see what takes your interest. This page will change over the weeks and months as some studies finish recruitment and new ones come on stream. Why not find out what studies are running at your Trust or Board? You can make suggestions for studies you know about and want to see recruiting locally. There are also opportunities to get involved by answering your own questions about practice through research. Please get in touch and I will help you to find a way to start the ball rolling.