Ten Steps to a Breastfeeding-Friendly Shelter

on 05 February 2021

Ernst A, Lee N, Karamanian V (2020). Building a Policy: Ten Steps to a Breastfeeding-Friendly Shelter. Journal of Human Lactation 36(4):795-802.

Provides a framework for policies to support and promote breastfeeding among individuals residing in homeless shelters. The framework suggests (1) having a written policy on breastfeeding, (2) training all staff in the implementation of the policy, (3) providing water and snacks to breastfeeding residents at night, (4) respecting breastfeeding in public areas, (5) providing a clean and safe space for breastfeeding and pumping, (6) providing equipment to collect and store milk, (7) developing relationships with community services, (8) permitting residents to bring babies to classes or groups, (9) training all staff in bottle feeding techniques, and (10) keeping a referral guide of current community resources.

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