Women in Medicine – a tour through England's medical history

on 22 April 2021

It’s hard to ignore the outstanding impact women have made to medicine, pushing the boundaries in health and social care, politics, society, medicine and of course midwifery, labour and birth.

A tour by Jon Baines Tours takes you through a series of guided tours to some of the locations where notable women in healthcare history lived, worked and made their names known.

The seven tours will focus on apothecaries and healers, nurses and international influences, the military, Florence Nightingale and women in epidemics, pioneers, politics, and women doctors, midwives and birth, and Bristol and the world.

The tour leader is Janice Liverseidge, a former Director for the Royal College of Nursing but is now a full time guide, as well as a Trustee for the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund and the London Handel Festival.

Across seven days you will guided around London, Derbyshire and Bristol, learning about just some of the amazing women whose contribution to healthcare made it was we know it to be today.

Midwives and birth, London, 18 September 2021

Once of the tours looks specifically at women and birth. The session will start at London Borough Market where you can meet other likeminded guests attending the tour. The tour will then make its way to Crossbones Gardens which is believed to be the resting place of 15,000 paupers, many of whom were sex workers and children. It will then proceed onto a talk on ‘Women leaders journeying to higher healthcare’ with Dame Cathy Warwick, former Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

Another talk will be presented by the Clinical Advisor for the TV series Call the Midwife, Terri Coates, ‘The journey to Call the Midwife’.

In the afternoon, you’ll be in Bermondsey to find out more about the female philanthropists and projects including a former refuge for pregnant women and unmarried mothers.

This particular tour is £120 person which includes all admission fees, the talks from Dame Cathy Warwick and Terri Coates, the services of the tour leader Janice Liverseidge, VAT and a charitable donation.

More information

The tours will be held 13-20 September 2021 in London, Derbyshire and Bristol. Each tour can be booked individually, but a discount is applied if you book to attend all of the tours.

A percentage of the profits made from all of the tours will be donated to the following projects:

  • Royal College of Nurses Nursing Foundation
  • The Benevolent Fund of the Royal College of Midwives Trust
  • Penny Brohn UK
  • Maggie’s Centres

For more information about the tours and how to book, please take a look at the brochure here.