Maternity care in Wales: a five year vision published by Welsh Government

on 09 July 2019

‘Maternity Care in Wales: a five year vision for the future (2019-2024)’ has been published by the Welsh Government, building on the aims of the ‘Strategic Vision for Maternity Services in Wales (2011)’.

The five-year maternity care vision aims to direct and inform an equitable approach to maternity care provisions across Wales for all women, regardless of complexity, and ensuring collaborative team working.

‘Maternity care in Wales: a five-year vision for the future’ refreshes the country’s model of maternity care based on the latest evidence, best practice and feedback from frontline staff.

It aims to meet the aspirations of women and their families across Wales and provide a prudent approach to maternity care provision through expertise, and the choice required to optimise their birth experience.

The five principles it focuses on are:

  • Family centred care
  • Safe and effective care
  • Continuity of carer
  • Skilled multi-professional teams
  • Sustainable quality services

Commenting on the maternity care vision, the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Director for Wales, Helen Rogers, said: “The RCM very much welcomes the launch of this vision for maternity services in Wales and it’s encouraging to see clear actions and responsibilities outlined within the vision.

“Leadership development has also been included as a priority and we are pleased with that, as we know this is key to developing and delivering safe, high quality maternity services.”

A commissioned survey, ‘Your Birth, We Care’, also contributed in tailoring the maternity vision which captured the views of over 4,000 women who gave birth in the previous year.

The survey provided an insight into their experiences of planning for birth and their experiences of maternity care during labour.

“What is important now is that we have the right amount of staff with access to the right training, to support the safe delivery of this ambitious maternity vision for women and their families in Wales,” Helen Rogers added.

The ‘Maternity care in Wales: a five-year vision for the future (2019-2024) can be found here.