Baby bundles for newborns piloted in South Wales

on 01 October 2020

Families in South Wales will be given baby bundles as part of a pilot scheme run by the Welsh Government.

Filled with essentials for newborn babies, the pilot is being run in the Swansea Baby University Health Board area for £115,000 which will see 200 women receive a box as part of the trial.

The £200 baby bundle contains baby grows, sleeping sacks, toys to help with communication and bonding, and a kit for safe bathing.

Speaking to BBC News, Deputy Minister for Health and Social Care in Wales Julie Morgan said: “This is particularly important now for families whose babies are born in the midst of a pandemic.

“We also hope these bundles will promote a more equal playing field for parents and their babies by reducing expenditure on newborn essentials.

“It’s not targeted towards anyone in particular. We don’t see it as a benefit in that sense. We see it as a gift for all parents who want it.

“This pilot will help us understand how successful it is and whether or not we want to roll it out across Wales.”

Scotland was the first UK nation to pilot the scheme in 2017, with areas of England also trialling the boxes.

The idea of baby bundles originated in Finland in the 1930s, where boxes of baby items were handed to poorer families with the aim to reduce mortality rates among babies.

The contents of these boxes were decided following consultations with midwives and allied healthcare professionals.

If the trial is successful, the Welsh Government will roll out nationally.