Tommy’s Midwife app for pregnant women launched

on 26 March 2020

Tommy’s and Mindshare have partnered to develop an app which aims to alleviate anxiety for pregnant women, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The app Tommy’s Midwife Voice Skill offers answers to a wide range of personal questions that some pregnant women are too anxious or embarrassed to ask their midwife.

The questions currently provided on the app provide answers to questions on topics such as antenatal depression, maternity leave and morning sickness, with the aim to provide reassurance to women during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.

Each answer has been created using evidence-based and trusted resources.

For any serious issues that are raised through the app, the user is then signposted to further resources and information for support such as the NHS.

With COVID-19 being a common theme at this time, Tommy’s Midwife Voice Skill app enables pregnant women to ask specific questions about the virus and how it may affect them during pregnancy and postnatally.

Mindshare has worked with Tommy’s to create over 400 complex and personal Q&As so far.

Head of Pregnancy Information at Tommy’s, Sarah Siguine, said: “Tommy’s Midwife is a voice skill here to help answer (almost) any question that people have about pregnancy, labour and birth. Users can ask about their physical health and any symptoms or complications that they may experience.

“The skill also provides lifestyle recommendations such as diet and exercise tips, as well as practical information on topics like maternity leave, pain relief and handling morning sickness.

“Tommy’s Midwife can offer reassurance and signpost where to find further support. We’re really proud to have worked with Mindshare to develop this Skill and we’re confident it’ll extend our ability to support women during such an important – and often overwhelming – phase of their lives.”

Tommy’s Midwife Voice Skill app is currently available to download through Amazon and Google app stores.