Master of Midwifery programme to improve maternity care approved in Iowa

on 20 September 2021

A Master in Midwifery programme has been approved in Iowa, which aims to improve maternity care in the US state.

The programme, which is the first of its kind in Iowa, will be funded for the first five years by the Health Resources and Services Administration, and will be funded through tuition and fees thereafter.

U-I Associate Amanda Thein, when presenting to the Board, said: “The development of the MM programme is part of the Iowa Maternal Health Innovation Program. This is a five-year program of the Iowa Department of Public Health to improve obstetric care in the state.

“There’s an unmet need for more maternity care providers in the state of Iowa – especially in rural areas. Additionally, the maternal mortality rate in the state of Iowa has increased in recent years.

Applications are being welcomed from residents of Iowa, as well as surrounding states that don’t have a midwifery programme of their own such as Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Amanda Thein also highlights that job opportunities will be available for graduates who complete the programme: “Currently, midwifery education programs are not keeping up with retirements in the field. The U-S Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates a 26% increase in employment opportunities for certified nurse midwives between 2018 and 2028.”

The Master in Midwifery programme was approved by the Board of Regents.

Source: Radio Iowa

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