New maternity care app for pregnant women launched on the Isle of Wight

on 20 October 2021

A maternity care app has been launched by St Mary’s Hospital that provides support and information for pregnant women throughout their pregnancy on the Isle of Wight.

From the time of booking their first appointment, pregnant women will be invited to download the Badger Notes app which is available on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

The app will enable pregnant women to access their maternity care records and other useful maternity information to support them.

They will also be able to speak to their midwife about non-urgent queries as well as uploading photos and write diary entries.

Digital Project Lead Midwife, Yvonne Harris, said: “This has been an ongoing project with local maternity services across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to deliver better care for women and their families.

“We are really excited about Badger Notes. It will enable pregnant women to be more involved in their care, providing information and support in a timely way throughout their maternity journey and making it easier for them to have contact with their midwife.

“It will also allow our maternity team to focus on delivering efficient and timely care.”

Director of Midwifery at St Mary’s Hospital, Amanda Pearson, added: “Moving to digital notes will improve all aspects of maternity care. Women will be able to fully engage and participate in the management of their pregnancy as well as enabling healthcare professionals to provide optimal care and support.”

Source: Island Echo