University increases midwifery training places to increase staff supply

on 13 July 2021

The University of Nottingham has increased the number of places on their midwifery training course to increase midwife supply in the city.

Nottingham University Hospital Trust (NUH) has launched a recruitment drive following a Care Quality Commission (CQC) report which found services to be “inadequate” in October 2020.

In an NUH board meeting it was said that “The University of Nottingham has increased the number of training places and (made) a successful Health Education England bid to support innovative initiatives such as trainers to train midwifery support workers.”

However, board papers say that although the changes that have already been implemented are making a difference, there was “still a lot to do”.

Head of Hospital Inspection, Sarah Dunnett, said: “I am pleased the trust has responded to some issues we raised in the warning notice following our previous inspection of its maternity services.

“However, it has more work to do regarding how it captures, records and uses patient information in these services so that staff have a full picture of people’s healthcare needs. This includes ensuring information about women who may be affected by serious mental health issues is appropriately escalated.”

A spokesperson from NUH said that midwives only qualify at one point in the year which makes it challenging to bring in large numbers of midwives at other times.

“We’ve already taken significant steps to improve recruitment and retention and are committed to further increasing our staffing levels in maternity. We will endeavour to continue recruiting until all vacancies have been filled, and our staff will continue working tirelessly to improve services for local women and families.”

The trust is also offering midwifery training places to overseas applicants.

Source: West Bridgford Wire