Calls for improved maternity care in Northern Ireland ahead of Assembly elections

on 23 March 2022

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has created a Blueprint calling on politicians to support improving maternity care services in Northern Ireland, ahead of the Assembly elections in May.

The RCM are asking for politicians to support their Blueprint that outlines safety improvements to services including better investment in midwives and services, a renewed maternity strategy for Northern Ireland, and staff support to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

RCM Director for Northern Ireland, Karen Murray said: “The pandemic has laid bare the precariousness of our maternity services. It will not take much to tip them over the edge compromising the quality of care, and there is no safety net.  That’s why Investing in staffing and resources must be a priority for the next government.

“I am appealing to every MLA elected in the coming election to put their weight behind our call and support us publicly to make our maternity services the best they can be. Midwives and their colleagues are working incredibly hard to deliver safe care for women, but we must all work together to drive up standards even further. This needs investment, it needs a clear and honest roadmap, and it needs political will and action.”

The Blueprint also highlights the need to improve working cultures in maternity services, and for more training resources for all maternity care workers.

“We will soon have a new Assembly. I hope this will give us a new group of politicians who will stand with us and work with us and our NHS colleagues to make our maternity services the safest and best possible. We owe it to our incredible maternity staff, and most importantly, we owe it to the women, babies, and families of Northern Ireland. I say to our politicians, step forward, stand with us, and let’s solve this together,” Karen Murray added.

The Blueprint ‘for better maternity care in Northern Ireland’ can be read here.