Four out of five NHS staff say they would quit their jobs over pay

on 17 June 2022

A poll has shown four out of five NHS Staff (80%) would quit their job over pay, but 79% said they would stay if their pay increased to tackle inflation.

The results of the poll have come shortly before NHS workers join TUC’s cost of living rally in London on Saturday (18 June).

Over 2,000 NHS workers responded to the poll which was conducted by the #WithNHSStaff campaign which is made up of 13 unions including the Royal College of Midwives and UNISON.

The majority of NHS staff confirmed their pay was not keeping up with inflation, with driving to work and paying hospital parking charges causing financial difficulty.

22% of respondents said they were either actively looking or already in the process of leaving the NHS for better paid jobs, causing an even greater shortage of staff.

Following pay, 64% said they felt undervalued by the government and their employer.

UNISON Head of Health, Sara Gorton, said: “NHS staffing is in crisis and services are suffering. Without a significant pay rise, under-pressure health workers won’t stick around. That’ll make delays and cancellations a whole lot worse.

“Ministers must find the cash to invest in an urgent retention package, starting with a pay rise to deal with the cost-of-living crisis. That’s the way to ensure patients get the treatment they need.”

Sarah, who is a midwife and took the survey, said: “We’re stretched beyond our limits. I see colleagues crying and overwhelmed regularly. I work 12-hour-plus shifts with no break or food, and I’m working so many unpaid extra hours that my actual wage is probably below minimum wage.”

RCM’s Director for Employment Relations, Alice Sorby, said: “We have all warned the Government that the NHS staff recruitment and retention crisis cannot be solved without a game changing retention package and an inflation- busting pay rise. Without this the NHS will continue to lose staff at alarming rates. Staff have had enough, and they are now a breaking point, it’s within the Government gift to turn this worsening situation around by paying all NHS staff what they are worth.”

The poll was conducted during March and April 2022, accumulating 2,239 responses.

More information about the #WithNHSStaff campaign can be found here.