First European Nursing and Midwifery Week

on 18 April 2023

The European Nursing & Midwifery Week (#ENMW2023) was developed by EFNNMA, a collaborative organization of WHO Regional Office for Europe, to celebrate and recognise nurses and midwives in Europe.

The European Nursing and Midwifery Week (5-12 May 2023) aims to:

  • Advocate for nursing and midwifery and a more inclusive society across Europe
  • Raise awareness and reinforce existing messages about the Nursing & Midwifery workforce and its role in health and social care, aligned with key organizations at European level.
  • To build trust and innovative ways of working together between all professionals contributing to nursing and midwifery at local, national, regional, and European levels.

The general idea for this year is to create a map of the WHO European Region with the country's  nursing & midwifery initiatives/celebrations/conferences (online, face-to-face, blended, video, messages, and so on) in all European languages. EFNNMA will create a map in a special website and repository. This will be useful for connecting nurses & midwives.  

It's time to show and share your nursing and midwifery pride every day across Europe.

The First European Nursing and Midwifery Week takes place during the first full week of May (5-12 May and closing days). It encourages people to get involved in a growing movement for a healthy Europe.
We are stronger when we work together. 

Join us and work with us to get all the information about your planned events so that we can build a map and repository of European Nursing & Midwifery events:

During the week (May 10th 2023, 2 pm CET) , a special EFNNMA - EFN - WHO Europe Webinar about Supportive Working Environments For The Nursing and Midwifery Workforce is planned. Click here to sign up.


Click here to read through the European Nursing and Midwifery Week #ENMW2023 presentation with more information and logos.

Click here to download an editable event template is attached.