RCM Research Prioritisation

on 09 June 2023

The RCM is launching an exciting new project on 17 July 2023. They will be undertaking a research prioritisation project to establish the top 10 priorities for research and want all members of the midwifery profession, together with student midwives, MSWs and service users to get involved.

Establishing future research priorities for maternity and midwifery care, is a key objective in the RCM’s Research and Development strategy. 

The rationale behind having research priorities is to:

  • Influence funding bodies, such as the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) to fund more maternity research
  • Influence policy makers about gaps in evidence and the importance of maternity research
  • Provide a list of RCM priorities when requested
  • Encourage midwives to take part in a consensus building exercise with a research focus
  • Build networks within maternity healthcare
  • Support midwifery researchers to identify topics, including those applying to the RCM Wellbeing of Women award and the Jean Davies Iolanthe Trust award
  • Raise the RCM’s profile in terms of its involvement and commitment to midwifery and maternity research

Opportunities to get involved

The project is being launched on Monday 17 July 2023 and there will be information about how to book a place at our online event shortly.

At the event, the research advisors will be also inviting expressions of interest for people who would like to be on their Steering Group.

Please look out for the first survey in January 2024 and have your say in what you think the priorities should be for maternity and midwifery research.

Click here to book your ticket for the launch event.